Saturday, January 26, 2008

Death Penalty Article on the Weekly Standard

Lately I've been looking at the Weekly Standard for my U.S. presidential news, mostly because my normal outlet, National Review, happens to be having a hate-on for my preferred candidate, John McCain. Be that as it may, I found an interesting article about the death penalty and religion here. It makes some interesting points about how belief in the afterlife plays into the support for the death penalty. As well, it points out the fact that secular Europe virulently opposes the death penalty, while having almost no religious life. For the secularist, the death penalty is the truly the ultimate punishment and the end, so it must never be done. For the religious man, the death penalty is only the door to the final judgment, when God shall impose the true ultimate punishment; namely, eternal damnation.

A Bit of Latin

Sine mora curam officio dare debemus.
Sine: "without," a preposition always followed by the ablative.
mora: "delay," a noun in the ablative case
curam: "attention/care," a noun in the accusative case
officio: "duty," a noun in the dative case
dare: "to give," a verb in the infinitive
debemus: "we must/we ought to," a verb in the first person plural

Translation: "Without delay we must give attention to duty."

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